Data Guiding our Guided Pathways Efforts – IR Data Series #1

Greetings from the Institutional Research (IR) office! I am Sean Gehrke, the director of IR here at EvCC, and throughout the fall quarter I am going to be contributing posts to the Guided Pathways (GP) blog regarding data we are using and tracking as part of our GP efforts. These posts are a fantastic opportunity for the EvCC community to see the baselines we are working from as we undergo this important institutional transformation.

If you are unfamiliar with Guided Pathways, I recommend you read up on it here and here.

The impetus for these blog posts was the GP Data Summit we hosted on August 8, 2017 in Jackson Conference Center. At the summit, I engaged more than 50 staff, faculty, and students around the baseline data we have collected related to GP. I may be biased, but I think we had invigorating conversations about student success and equity gaps that our data revealed. I’d like to think that these conversations served as an additional call-to-action for the individuals in the room to engage in GP so that we can improve our outcomes for all students.

In the summit, we reviewed data from two different sources: a) a dashboard provided by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC), and b) a scorecard curated by the IR office with local measures of student success. The SBCTC dashboard provides broad, long-term measures that help give us some key baselines (e.g., completion, transfer, employment). We will be able to see the impact from our GP efforts on this dashboard in the years to come. The EvCC GP Scorecard is curated with internal IR data and offers our first ability to disaggregate both long-term and short-term measures by pathway and other student characteristics. We will be using the EvCC GP Scorecard to track our progress from the beginning of our efforts with GP. The measures on the GP scorecard include the following:

  • Enrollment patterns
  • Average credits earned in a) first quarter and b) first year
  • Enrollment in college-level math and English in the first quarter
  • Pass rates in college-level math and English in the first year
  • Retention rates (fall-to-winter and fall-to-fall)
  • Four-year (200%) completion rates
  • Average and median credits per degree

During the fall quarter, I will be sharing our scorecard data on these measures, as well as some trends found on the SBCTC dashboard. For now, I wanted to take this time to welcome you to the series. When I post next week, I will touch on how equity is infused into our GP data work before posting about our data in the coming weeks.

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