Mid Winter Update

Wow, it’s the 5th week of the quarter already! Let’s catch up on the Guided Pathways work occurring across campus.

At the All Instruction meeting I presented on the impact of College 101 (it’s positive and the effect lingers over several quarters for students) and goals specific to faculty for our work Winter quarter. I’m sharing these goals with everyone because these have potential college wide impact and because everyone likes to stay in the loop! The goals include the following:

Update Curriculum Guides
•COLL 101 is required; it is listed?
•Do you have a default quarter-to-quarter schedule of courses?

Consider common 4 year transfer institutions
•Where do students in your discipline transfer to?
•Do your discipline courses transfer? If not, is there a work-around for students?

Update your departmental web page
•Career options
•Transfer Information
•Program Advising appointments via youcanbookme

Consider the equity barriers that exist in your classroom and work to eliminate one

Also during January our Achieving the Dream coaches, Lynda Villanueva and Diane Troyer, met with all campus in two World Café events to facilitate cross campus dialogue on our EvCC results from the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT). Results from the discussion are being recorded and discussed; items pertinent to our GP work will likely be shared here in a later blog post. Personally, it was such a treat to chat with so many people from across campus and to hear the different perspectives on our strengths and work ahead. If you participated, a big THANK YOU for making this such a success!

Guess who the winner of the Guided Pathways Genius Parking spot is? Tara Murphy!!! Tara is an Associate faculty in the Cosmetology department and is looking forward to using her reserved parking spot when she comes to main campus for meetings…so don’t park in it! If you would like to put your name in for the raffle for the parking spot for March, plan to participate in Guided Pathways work this month like…

Reading this blog! Hey, you can enter right now! Click here.

Attending any GP sub-committee meeting.
Want to know when the meetings are? We have created an EvCC Guided Pathways calendar that you can view in your google calendar. Just enter EvCC Guided Pathways into the “add a coworker’s calendar” space in your google calendar and you’ll be able to see when and where the meetings are.

Coming to a GP Work Session:
February 10, from 11-12:30 in JCK 106 to discuss Curriculum guide Templates or March 3 from 9-10:30am, location and topic TBD.

Meeting with faculty in your Pathway to create a Default First Quarter Matrix.
Department Chairs met last week and created versions for the Art, Business, Healthcare and Public Safety, and STEM pathways. Click on each name to find out what default courses they’ve listed for students who select the pathway but are unsure of which discipline they will choose. The Humanities, Social Science, and Industry Technologies Pathways are also working on creating default first quarters so join in the conversation! Our goal is to have a draft created by March 3.

That’s it for now! Have a great weekend,

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