Our Institutional Capacity for Change

Friday you got an email from President Beyer asking you to take the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool questionnaire. Having useful results from this survey will require the participation of as many of us as possible. I’d like to explain more about what this tool is, why we are using it, what we plan to do with the results, and… fabulous prizes!

When changes are needed to promote student success, what’s EvCC’s capacity for change?

That’s a big question. The Achieving the Dream folks have put together a framework for thinking about this. They look at 7 “capacities”: Equity, Teaching & Learning, Engagement & Communication, Strategy & Planning, Policies & Practices, Leadership & Vision, Data & Technology. If a college is strong in all of these areas then it’s ready to embrace the changes needed to build a student-focused culture.


This framework fits beautifully with our Guided Pathways work and our larger Achieving the Dream efforts. The goal here is to find out areas in which we’re strong and areas in which we need to improve. To have effective change at an institution-wide level we need to be strong in all seven of these capacities.

The ICAT itself is two demographic questions about your role at the college and then seven pages with questions about each of the capacities. If you don’t know the answers to a question, there’s an “I don’t know” option.

What will we do with the results? The ICAT is a conversation starter. Our intention is to collect people’s ICAT responses through Finals Week (Dec 12) and then compile results and share out with the campus via this blog. Then, we will organize forums to discuss the results. We want to know what people know and don’t know about current efforts. In capacities in which EvCC scores low, we’ll have a great place to start a campus wide conversation about what the source might be. We want to hear from as broad a community as possible. So please encourage everyone on campus to participate (staff, faculty — tenured and associate).

Fabulous Prizes!

Classified staff can put the ICAT down as an hour of work. All faculty and staff who complete the ICAT can email Sharon Ralston to be entered into a raffle. The prize will be a reserved parking spot (location TBD by Facilities and Security) for the month of February

Please help us collect data so we can assess where we are as a college and where we need to put our efforts!

Here’s the link from Pres. Beyer’s email to get to the ICAT:


You will need the authentication code for EvCC: Ua07PdGX.


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