IR Data Series #2 – Equity and Data in Guided Pathways

Welcome to the second installment of the IR data series related to Guided Pathways. By now, you have likely seen and/or heard a presentation about the equity framework informing EvCC work and its dimensions: aspiration, access, achievement, economic progress, and engagement. While the limited space of this blog post prohibits me from reviewing the underlying … Continue reading “IR Data Series #2 – Equity and Data in Guided Pathways”

Guided Pathways to Justice and Equity?

You may not be surprised to know that within Guided Pathways we have the Equity Subcommittee. EvCC has done significant work in terms of diversity and equity in the last decade, though perhaps with a stronger emphasis on diversity.  So why do we need a special subcommittee to talk about equity?  It turns out that … Continue reading “Guided Pathways to Justice and Equity?”

IR Data Series #3 – Guided Pathways Scorecard: College-Level Math

Greeting EvCC community and beyond! Last fall, I wrote a couple of blogs about our efforts related to data and tracking our progress with Guided Pathways (refresh your memory here and here). I had planned to post throughout the fall quarter about different aspects of our baseline data for Guided Pathways. It turns out that … Continue reading “IR Data Series #3 – Guided Pathways Scorecard: College-Level Math”

Creating a Barrier Free Path to Success and Completion

During the week of October 9, the Guided Pathways Teaching and Learning Subcommittee held workshops to help program mapping teams start their work creating a pathway for each program at the college. Fifty-eight faculty and staff attended the workshops and began their work with a document we call the Learning Inventory. Teams were made up … Continue reading “Creating a Barrier Free Path to Success and Completion”

Data Guiding our Guided Pathways Efforts – IR Data Series #1

Greetings from the Institutional Research (IR) office! I am Sean Gehrke, the director of IR here at EvCC, and throughout the fall quarter I am going to be contributing posts to the Guided Pathways (GP) blog regarding data we are using and tracking as part of our GP efforts. These posts are a fantastic opportunity … Continue reading “Data Guiding our Guided Pathways Efforts – IR Data Series #1”

What’s Happening with Guided Pathways this Spring?

The tulips are in bloom across campus and we’re starting the fourth week of the quarter; it must be time for students to start cramming for the first midterm exam and for us to give you an update on Guided Pathways at EvCC. Lots of work is happening with Guided Pathways this quarter; much of … Continue reading “What’s Happening with Guided Pathways this Spring?”

A conversation about the future of advising at EvCC….

The Guided Pathways Steering Committee has been conducting student Focus Groups this quarter and one of the themes which has emerged in the student feedback is the urgent need to enhance our current offerings in the areas of advising. Every student deserves access to a knowledgeable person for advising during the quarter, between quarters, during … Continue reading “A conversation about the future of advising at EvCC….”

Our Institutional Capacity for Change

Friday you got an email from President Beyer asking you to take the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool questionnaire. Having useful results from this survey will require the participation of as many of us as possible. I’d like to explain more about what this tool is, why we are using it, what we plan to do with … Continue reading “Our Institutional Capacity for Change”

Let’s not call them Meta-majors anymore

I’m at the College Spark Metamajors workshop in Vancouver, WA with many of he Guided Pathways Steering Committee members. We are learning about some great work other colleges are doing which I would like to share with you. But before I do that, I want to make it publicly known that we’re officially going to change from using the … Continue reading “Let’s not call them Meta-majors anymore”