Guided Pathways Steering Committee and Sub-committee update

Who’s on the Steering Committee?
The GP Steering Committee had their first meeting Oct 3.  The members of the Steering Committee are myself (Anne Brackett), Kristine Washburn, Nina Benedetti, Elizabeth Stam, Masashi Kato, Gail Muilli, Laurie Franklin, Heather Bennet, Eugene McAvoy, and Megan King, the ASB president.  Kristine and I are co-chairing the committee.  The insight students can provide to the development of GP at EvCC is crucial, yet they are balancing service in multiple roles while also studying for classes, so Megan and two other ASB officers will rotate attending the meetings.  We had hoped to have an additional faculty to serve from the areas of Advising/Counseling/TriO; however, while there was definitely a desire to serve, many faculty with this expertise have already committed time and energy to other aspects of college service and simply cannot make the commitment at this time. Given the crucial nature of advising and a need to have someone with knowledge on the committee this year, we have invited Andre Guzman to fill the remaining spot, making the overall group five faculty, five administrators, and one student.

What was discussed at the meeting?
You are welcome to read over the minutes for specifics (click here to see the minutes). We decided who would chair which subcommittee (listed below) and tasked each chair with contacting the people who have already let us know of their interest to coordinate meeting dates and times.  If you haven’t let us know of your interest, that’s ok, we’ll make another blog post listing dates and times of each meeting so that anyone can attend.  At the first sub-committee meeting each group will read over the 5-year Implementation Plan to develop goals for the work they will do this year:

Advising/First Year Experience: Jessica Cain and Andre Guzman
Meta-Majors/Pathways: Nina Benedetti
Technology: Betsy Stam
Equity Gap Research: Kristine Washburn
Communication: Masashi Kato

What will happen next?
The general format moving forward is that each sub-committee will tackle a particular facet of developing GP, the chair will report to the Steering Committee, the Steering Committee will either give feedback, inform other communication partners (Faculty Forum, VP Staff, all campus via this blog, etc.) to seek additional feedback, and/or progress with the recommendation.  Minutes will be taken at each sub-committee meeting, and the GP Steering Committee meetings, and will be posted in the GP Canvas course, so if you want to know what’s up, you can always check the minutes.

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