Notes from Guided Pathways Book Club meetings

There were several book club meetings around campus this quarter to discuss Redesigning America’s Community Colleges, the book full of research behind the Guided Pathways initiative. Book clubs were attended by faculty and staff from across campus. Facilitators asked participants what themes they noticed in the book and what solutions they saw as interesting ideas for EvCC.

I facilitated four of these book clubs. Anne facilitated another four, Gary Newlin did a couple as did Andrew Wahl. I wrote down all the notes participants in my book clubs made on giant post-its and the notes I took of people’s discussions and made a “wordle” (see below).

Guided Pathways wordle

As you can see, the focus of conversations was STUDENTS. Many different topics came up, including ADVISING, METAMAJORS, ORIENTATION, and UNDECIDED.

Friday is the deadline to apply for an EvCC Guided Pathways Jump Start Grant. These are small projects that can be completed by June 30 of this year. Funds from this are leftover from the college’s Instruction budget and must be spent, with 800 faculty hours total available. If you have an idea of work that will fit in with Guided Pathways and help us mobilize please consider applying for a Grant. Feel free to use the above Wordle for inspiration! The application was emailed to all-faculty last week. It’s also available online at

Some ideas that have been circulating are

  • Develop a Canvas shell for the advisees of a particular type of major (pre-med, photography, business, etc.) to act as a central resource for students.  The course can contain curriculum guides, transfer information, a calendar for meeting with advisors, and would generally serve as a contact point for students to program faculty.
  • For a DTA degree in your department, research the EvCC course transfer-ability for each local institution and create an up-to-date list.
  • Meet with your department to create a default 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter list of classes for students who enter your discipline.  Create one scenario for full time students and one for part-time students.
  • Host a Guided Pathways work day for your division to focus on doing any of the above 3 ideas as a larger group.

If you have more ideas and want to discuss whether or not this grant is a good fit, leave a comment below or contact Kristine Washburn or Anne Brackett. We’re here to encourage faculty participation in this faculty-driven process.

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